Here rest quietly ideas made whole, consumed and enjoyed. 

Various Zucchini on Golden Puff Pastry, "Courgette Tart", Mascarpone Cream, Smooth and Subtle, Basil Ice Cream, It's not Just For Desserts

Hot Tea Smoked Salmon, Little Kitchen Crafted, Charentais Philibon Melon and "Sandy" Carrots, AOP from Charentes, A Few Little Things to Finish

French Yellow Chicken, Used to be Happily Free-Range, Tomato Variations, Summer's Bounty Explored, Smoked Bacon, No...There's No Lettuce

Rhum Cake, Think Baba but Not, Mirabelle Plums, Perfectly in Season and Presented in Two Forms, Chantilly Cream and Caramelised Walnuts, Extra but not Trivial

August 28- September 8, 2018