Here rest quietly Tatses of Happily Consumed Evenings


Roasted Chestnut Soup, Smooth and Comforting, Baby Puffs, Cutest Choux filled with Savoury Goodness, Crispy Sage, Just an Accent



Atlantic Lobster, Rich and Meaty, Golden Puff Pastry, Stacked with Care, Flavourful Celeriac, Deeply Satisfying



Crown Roast of Pork, Hints of Herbs and Honey, Roasted Root Vegetables, Sweet and Good for You, Bramley Apple Compote, A Counterpoint of Fresheness



White Chocolate Parfait, Smooth with a Touch of Sweetness, Fresh Red Currant, Compote and Sorbet Forms, Tasty Cake, Vanilla Infused


January 2-5, 2019