Here rest quietly Tatses of Menus Past


Red Cherry Tomatoes, Poached in Olive Oil, Taggiasche OIives, Richly Italian, Crema di Cecci, Smooth and Beguiling, Lots of Flavour in Little Bites



Bouchot Mussels, The Real Deal from France, Cool Seafood Mix of Scallops and Octopus and Shrimp, A Salad of Various Colours and Textures, Lemon Enhanced



Free Range Yellow Chicken, More Stuff from France, Semolina "Polenta", Comfortingly Tasty, Blue Lake Green Beans, Not Really Blue but Still Beans, Roasted Bone Sauce



Dark Cherry Cheese Cake, Not in the Least Bit Classic, Bits of Cocoa and Chocolate, Fun Textures and Cherry Colour, Eats Like and Easy Sunday Afternoon


July 2-13, 2019