Here rest quietly Tatses of Happily Consumed Evenings


Winter Vegetable Composition, As They All Are, Minerally Celeriac, Toasted Whole Wheat, French Yellow Chanterelles, Braised Onion, Not Quite a Mandala but Definitely a Mosaic



Seared Atlantic Salmon, Crispy Skin with Silken Flesh, Selection of Brassicas, Broccoli and Cauliflower and Romanesco, Green Herb infused Olive Oil, A Bright Shiny Counterpoint



French Yellow Chicken, Corn Fed to Happy Plumpness, Tastes of Roasted Chestnut Nut and Sweet Date and Creamy Parsnip and Earthy Jerusalem Artichoke, Rich Heartiness on The Lighter Side



Mediterranean Lemon Parfait, Sweet with a Touch of Pucker, Iced Lemon Sorbet, Very Confident, Toasted Meringue, Almost a Marshmallow, Buttery Pastry, Tartish in It's Demeanour


January 8-19, 2019