Here rest quietly ideas made whole, consumed and enjoyed. 

Sweet Corn Soup, Not Dessert Sweet... Simply Using Good Corn, Deep Water Scallops, Silky with a Bit of Chew, Browned Butter, Just a Touch

Petite Tart of Summer Poivron Rouge, Cute Red Pepper Pastries, Vine Ripened Baby Red Tomatoes, So Cute and Sweet, Garden Herb Accents, Bits of Tumultuous Green

Seasonal Wild Salmon, King of Fish to be Sure, Warm Greens, Both Land and Sea Varieties, Frenched Beans and Liberated Champignon Paris

French Stone Fruit, Golden Hues of Peaches and Apricot and Nectarine, Baked to a Different Shade of Golden, Finished with Vanilla Cream


August 1-12, 2017