Here rest quietly ideas made whole, consumed and enjoyed. 

Spring Vegetable Potage, All Things Green and Vibrant, Ricotta Cheese, Fresh Creaminess, Herbs and Others, Accessories to this Liquid Outfit

French White Asparagus, Very Verile, Sweet Scallops, Sustainable Attained, Buttery Potatoes, Not Only Complimentary but Charming as Well

Spring Chicken, Young and Fresh as it Aught to Be, Wild Morel Mushrooms, a Springtime Treat, New Onions, So Many Riches

French Red Rhubarb, First of the Season, Buttery Puff Pastry, Sandwiched with Vanilla Cream, You Could it it with Your Hands but it Might be a Little Messy

April 11 - 22, 2017