Here rest quietly ideas made whole, consumed and enjoyed. 

Green Garlic Soup, Wild Foraged Leaves and Lively Scapes, Not Too Intense,  Fresh Fava Beans, Tender Tarragon, Crushed Sweet Peas, All to Garnish a Buttery Crouton

French Green Asparagus Tortelloni, Hand Crafted Pasta, Sweet Ricotta to Set the Stage, Various Accents in Shades of Green and Not... 

Free Range Yellow Chicken, Naturally French, Potato Parisian, Pleasingly Cute, Golden Leaves of Dandelion and Endive, Rendered Pancetta, Bacon at It's Core

Tender Red Rhubarb, 'Tis the Season, Crisp Puff Pastry, Holds Things Up, Vanilla Pastry Cream, Sticks Things Together, The Sum is Greater...

April 10-21, 2018