Here rest quietly ideas made whole, consumed and enjoyed. 

Rare Beef Carpaccio, US Prime from a Happy Ranch, Icicle Radishes, Just What the Summer Heat Calls For, Toasted Poppy Seeds, Relaxing in a Luscious Vinaigrette

Petite Vegetable Composé, Seasonal Salad with Too Many Items to Mention, Garden Basil Dressing, "Home" Grown of Course

Pacific Halibut, MSC Fish with Character, Ragout of Interesting Things, Steamed Clams with a Splash of Vin Blanc, Umami All Round

French Stone Fruit, Various Forms and Preparations, Golden Puff Pastry, Interesting Shape with a Hint of Whimsy, Surprisingly... Fruit Sorbet

July 17-25, 2018