Here rest quietly Tatses of Happily Consumed Evenings


Potato Bisque, Rich with a Hint of Smoothness, Various Potato Accents, To Reinforce the Point, Whipped Crème Fraîche, Its Better that Way



Pan Roasted French Pigeon, Intensely Meaty with a Hint of Wildness, Seasonal Green Cabbage, Not Not a Cabbage Roll, Smoked Bacon and Green Apple, Also Better



Italian Veal Loin, Milk Fed Tenderness with a Hint of Refinement, Yellow Root Vegetables, Surprising Versatile, White (Wine) Veal Sauce, Maybe the Best



Soft Persimmon Cake, Moist and with a Hint of Spice, Persimmon Sorbet, Textured Subtle Colour, Simple is Definitely Best


November 27- December 8, 2018