Here rest quietly ideas made whole, consumed and enjoyed. 

"Summer Salad", Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Cute Cucumbers, Spanish Iberico Ham (5 J's), Greens of an Assertive Nature, Crispy Things, Smouldering Vinaigrette

House-made Gnocchi, Ricotta and Green Courgette, Basil Sauce the Isn't Pesto, Chives and Cheese and Choicest Bits

Roasted French Chicken, Wholly not Holy Rendered, Salted Lemon Conserve, Conserve not Conservative, Potatoes of an Indeterminate Nature, Cheeky Goodness

Cherry Clafoutis, Classically Inspired, Ragout of Ripened Readiness (More Cherries), Crème Fraîche Ice Cream, Yah... Yummy!

July 4-15, 2017

july 4-15, 2017